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I'm amused at how my TV schedule handles NetFlix shows.
eris simply pulls from advertised schedule feeds, so this appears to translate into THEY'RE ALL AIRING TODAY in regards to streaming shows. I'm incredibly easily amused, okay. Also RIGHT CLICK OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB FOR LIFESIZE FOR YOUR PIXEL VIEWING PLEASURE.

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Yes, all women.
I've been deeply distressed by the Elliot Rodger thing, which is a strange experience for me. These large tragedies are always sad, but they don't tend to affect me personally if I haven't got any connections to anyone remotely involved.

I've got trauma in my past, starting at 4-5 years old, and again at a few points in late teen and early 20s. For a while this made me incredibly wary of a certain type of man (tall, light hair, light eyes) due to associations. But I've never felt particularly unsafe being Female In Public. I get hit on or hassled at least once every time I'm out alone, but it's never been super aggressive. Men have occasionally gotten very rude and insulting when I ignore them or turn them down, but then they just walk away. As such this hasn't been a thing about which I've worried overmuch.

I read the entire 140 page manifesto and watched several of the videos. I was distressed, but mostly sad. It seems to me to be a clear case of a domestic terrorist who did not accept the mental health help he sorely needed.

Then I read THIS. Logically I realise that these scary men are likely just an incredibly vocal minority due to the magic of the Internet. But it's incredibly disturbing.

Initially I'd hoped that similar men would read Rodger's screed, see themselves in it and have an epiphany of "I'm being an idiot" or "I need help!" but after reading that Jezebel thing I'm now more than a little terrified of those who are looking up to him as some sort of hero, and very worried that the next hassling dude that I ignore is going to decide to To Something About It.

I'm not sure how to deal with this. Do I arm myself when I go out alone, or do I just get over it? I don't know. I've never experienced this much fear simply for being female, and I don't like it.

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Sloth facts

People are strange, when you're a stranger.
So, yesterday I discovered something odd. People are apparently disturbed when you lug about a large pack of toilet paper with impunity.

It was after doctor appointment, which was right next door to a shop which had inexpensive TP. I grabbed me a 24 pack, and checker didn't bother trying to bag it, which was fine, it's already wrapped in plastic, right?

So I shoved that fucker under my arm and walked over to jack to grab me some cheap foods before hopping back on bus to continue my errands.

Counter guy snickered and commented that I wouldn't need napkins, a mother with small children honestly gaped at me in naked horror, not even hyperbole, it was crazy.

Whatever weirdos. I consumed my foods with my giant TP friend sitting in the booth next to me and then continued on to the bus.

The strange looks, snickers, and silly comments followed me via other people waiting for a bus, the driver, and the people I sat near.

Now, I would like to note for the record that I have a tendency to mutter to myself, occasionally snicker when something funny enters my head, or when someone messages me something funny, and I like to talk along to the bus announcements. And NOBODY PAYS ME ANY MIND. I'm just another bus weirdo. But apparently daring to carry around a giant pack of obviously butt wipes crosses this line!?

After settling on that first bus, I gave in to annoyance of this silliness and retrieved a plastic bag from inside my backpack and managed to shove the TP package into it. Either this solved it or everywhere I went after that did not have this strange aversion to little old me carrying around 24 rolls of toilet paper.

In which I discuss the Bechdel test.

After my review about Revolution, I got to wondering if it passes the Bechdel test and I sez to myself, I sez, "Self, this is the Internet Age, surely there's a website which complies these things and I can just look it up."

Well, there's a decent one at the obvious url but it only lists films, and it doesn't seem terribly active. So I went back to my friend Google, and stumbled upon this very well written critique of the Bechdel test. It honestly hadn't occurred to me that people would be using the Bechdel test as as a strict of a pass/fail as it was in the original comic by Bechdel from which it originates. I see it as a good point jumping off point and way to draw attention to problems with women in entertainment. But upon reflection it doesn't surprise me that some would cling to it as a very strict measuring stick of the worth of a piece of entertainment.

As for myself, noting or learning that a piece doesn't pass the Bechdel test isn't the sole hinge on which I base my decision on which to consume said piece of entertainment or not. If you know me, you know that I consume a lot of objectively horrible television/film/books, and oftentimes I enjoy picking them apart as to why they're so horrible as much as I'd enjoy something objectively great. Especially when I've a few like minded friends with which I can do said picking apart/bashing/ranting. But I digress.

The aforementioned article was a good spark to my current rumination on this topic, which led me back to friend!Google.

To re-cap for the link-allergic. The Bechdel test requires three things of a piece of entertainment/fiction:
1. Have at least two named female characters in it.
2. Who have conversations with each other.
3. In which the content of said conversations include something other than men/relationships.

As I said this is an excellent jumping off point, which led me to the discovery of other "tests" which have come into being along similar lines, which I will sum up:

The Ellen Willis test:
If the genders are swapped, does the story still make sense?

The Sexy Lamp test:
Does the story still work if you replaced your female character with a sexy lamp? This is the outlier in which if it passes it's not a good thing. It means the female character has absolutely no substance and contributes nothing to the work.

The Mako Mori test:
1. Has at least one named female character.
2. Who gets her own coherent narrative.
3. In which said narrative does not exist solely to support the story of men/a man in the same piece.

The Tauriel test:
1. Has at least one named female character.
2. Who is good at her job.

And lastly, an incredibly excellent one which deals specifically with women in the scientific field. This one is another unique one in that it doesn't refer specifically to fiction, this should be applied to articles/news items about women in the scientific field. And back to fiction, this works brilliantly for any SciFi.

The Finkbeiner test:
States that any of the above must avoid including any of the following items/wording

* The fact that she is female
* What her husband does for a living
* Her child care arrangements
* How she nurtures/is nurturing of her underlings/employees
* How taken aback she was by the presence/level of competitiveness in her field
* How she's such a role model for other women
* How she's the "first woman to ..."

Now, combine all these tests together and we have something approaching a Grand Unified Theory of the Female Presence in Entertainment/Fiction/Society. While the preceding tests are concerned solely with fiction, Finkbeiner bridges that gap and really points out (to me, at least), where the issue in entertainment/fiction is coming from.

Fiction isn't written in a vacuum. While it may be wildly different to reality in content and scope, it is still informed by the authors' experiences, interactions, biases, et cetera. And so when you're living in a society that still insists on focusing on gender when writing about a female scientist but does not do the same for a male, it's not even something many writers will notice that they've even done, because That's Just The Way It is.

But on the flip side, this is changing. It's simply being slow to reach the fields of harder science. Even a decade ago you might not have batted an eye when someone said "female doctor" referring to an MD. This has all but disappeared from the common vernacular unless you're in a very small town or are over 60 years old. Also true about "female lawyer", "female judge", and so on.

Yet you will still hear/see the gender modifier of female being attached to scientist, physicist, engineer (all types), and so forth. The tacit point being that the fact of her femaleness takes precedence over her accomplishments/worth in her profession. To a lesser degree this is an issue on the other side of the page. Male nurse, male babysitter, male hairdresser, again and so forth, et cetera, et al.

Herein lies the issue, for some reason a person's gender is still often seen as more important to their worth than what they are actively contributing to society.

The chicken or the egg conundrum comes into play at this point. If we treat genders equally in entertainment/fiction will that lead to a shifting of societal perception? Or does societal perception need to shift in order to inform our fiction?

In which I talk about the show I'm currently watching on Netflix.


I am a SUCKER for anything even mildly SciFi, throw in post apoc or dystopia? You cannot keep me from watching it. That being said, this is not one of the worst shows this obsession has led me to. It's a weak 2/3 on the eris!Scale of ratings, but I am incredibly entertained. Now we shall proceed in list form.

The things I LOVE about this show:

GIANCARLO ESPOSITIO: He is such a bloody magnificent bad guy. He has presence, he lends gravitas to dialog that would sometimes otherwise fall flat. He QUIETLY DOMINATES.

Twilight!Dad. Billy Burke is FUCKING WASTED on the Twilight series. This man is talented, he's sexy, it's possible he has a limited range but he owns it. Also he is incredibly good at displaying a wide range of emotions, excellent manly tears and angst.

Geekboy/former Google Millionaire is great. He starts out as a one note character, but they really flesh him out. He's obviously the character that a bulk of the audience is meant to identify with, but they do it well.

They walk the line of what defines the good guys and bad guys. Espositio has a family, a wife, a sympathetic back story. Head bad guy Monroe is a beautifully broken man, while still being incredibly dangerous and scary. I will forgive my fiction many a fault for the blurring of the Us Vs. Them and taking the time to point out they're all humans.

The science is almost great.

The things I HATE about this show:

The female lead. Sweet bleeding Christ on a cracker is she awful. Please note that "The day the power went out." is 15 years prior to when this show is now taking place. Her younger brother, who is younger to her by 2-4 years is 18 at the time of the first season, which makes her at least 20. However, she and her brother are written as if they're 12 and 16. They BEHAVE as if they're 12 and 16 most of the time, the rest of the characters treat them that way.

After some thought I am wondering if the reason why children are so usually universally awful in moving pictures is because writers cannot write them. Because even if the characters WERE 12 and 16, it's still badly done. And in retrospect I've noticed writers, across the board, seem to have trouble realistically writing characters of 17-23 unless the show is entirely set from their perspective.

About a third of the dialog is pretty weak. However, all the adult characters slowly get good fleshed out back stories and the character building itself is pretty solid, AND the majority of the actors really do well with what they're given.

THE SCIENCE IS ALMOST GREAT. The backstory seems to be that a group of scientists were working on wireless electricity generators, and somehow accidentally manufactured a null electricity field generator. There are pendants (which are little usb thumb drives enclosed in some sort of super strong metal) that then nullify the null field. However, in the script they speak of these pendants as GENERATING/BROADCASTING energy.

Now the thing which is blocking the electricity from working looks quite like a giant super collider (I'm only halfway through season one so this is my understanding of what I've seen), and it seems to me that it would require much more effort to BROADCAST/GENERATE power in the presence of this null field than it would to simply cancel out the null field. So, I hope they're simply dumbing this down and it's intended to work as I am understanding it.

Also, I'm not sure why simple combustion engines don't work. Perhaps the null field negates spark plugs? I don't know enough about how those things work to pick that apart, I will have to pick somebody's brain about it.

But that's it so far, I'm really enjoying it despite its faults.

There was a little girl who had a little curl ...
A public entry because fuck it it's 4:00 am.

Some years ago I lived in an amazing condo in Spring Valley. It felt like home. I had this thing I did where I stuck every sticker from fruit or veggie onto the handle of the freezer section of the refrigerator. This was silly but it was my thing, it was MY HOME, so that was one of the things I did.

Then the roommate guy let an old friend move in, who did things like try to commit suicide with all my prescription meds.

Said person did a lot of things to appear helpful that really weren't. She would regularly go on sprees in the kitchen in which she appeared to be cleaning, though she'd rarely clean anything but the counter, and then just rearrange a bunch of shit. In one of said sprees she "cleaned" all my stickers off the freezer handle.

It's a little thing, but it was erasing something that was MINE something that meant it was MY HOME. And, honestly, by that point it really wasn't anymore, but it still hurt.

I have recently been given a minifridge by my mother's husband. I haven't been able to get it in a location in which to plug it in though I am assured it worked fine when last used. If it is broken I will just relocate the stickers to some other possession of mine.

But for now:

It is late, I have screwed up my body clock by some overexertion the other day, I am having an apples and cheese snack, I PUT THE STICKERS ON MY FRIDGE. Because it is my fridge, and this is MY HOME.


So, I'm going to review a movie.

Wikipedia entry

I keep stumbling upon these strange dark comedies at the top of NetFlix's comedy section, perhaps influenced by my watching choices? I don't know. I knew nothing about this film other than its NeFlix blurb and info. I figured written by Goldthwait and put out by Darko Entertainment sounded up my alley, so I gave it a go.

If you liked Natural Born Killers and Lolita but hated all the sex and also hate stereotypical Americans you'll love this movie.

The first approximately 24 minutes of this film could have been edited into five minutes and keeps crawling up its own ass in self important, high horse preaching. After that it picks up speed and gets quite enjoyable, though it never quite revs up to full speed and really good pacing like Natural Born Killers. It starts getting up to a good speed, and then they pause and crawl back up their own asses. However, the characters they want you to hate are really easy to hate. Our heroes are very likable despite their occasional obsession with crawling up their own asses. The soundtrack is great, I was incredibly entertained. But I felt like there was a brilliant movie in here that I could have edited from the existing film.

For anyone who feels like stereotypical Americans and American reality show/pop culture bullshit is 95% of the country, and that somehow nobody seems to notice how vapid and materialistic everybody BUT YOU is, this movie will hit home. You will really relate to our heroes. But instead we have a sad middle aged man who has been dealt a lot of shit hands and feels overwhelmed by the vapid shit around him, and a teenager who probably would have grown out of it once she found a world outside high school.

All that said, after another ham handed monologue the movie finds the balls to give a simple and clean ending.

It is at this point that I should probably explain the eris scale of movie ratings, as I don't know if I have before as I usually only do this sort of ramble in person.

It's a x/3 rating in which x is how many of the three points it hits.

1. An interesting or engaging world/universe. It doesn't matter why, just that you enjoyed the world or premise that the film exists in. This can be something as overarching as the universes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Firefly, et cetera. As evidenced by the mass of fan fiction that exists in these universes, they clearly earned that point for many people. Was the universe engaging? Was it believable? This is a point that is often flat out earned or gained by default in movies based in something almost identical to our reality, and is more of an important point in larger fiction.

2. Well written. Did the characters talk like real people? If not was it sufficiently entertaining as to not matter, or if not did it fit the universe (see last point)? Did it flow well? Did the story make sense?

3. Likable or hatable characters. Did they seem like fully realised characters. Did you adequately love or hate them as intended by the presenters?

As much as I enjoyed this movie, I was torn on whether it was a 1/3 or 2/3 for me. It really only firmly hit the last point. I really liked the characters despite their occasional forays up their own ass. The flow was hitchy, the points were ham handed and preachy. Therefore I sadly had to settle at 1/3. Which I feel bad about because Bobcat Goldthwait. I don't know if it was the fault of the original script, or if something was lost in the direction/editing. But it never quite got up to speed. And the reason it didn't default earn the first point despite not being hugely fiction, is that it was still more of an Idiocracy universe, which panders to those who feel they are above or better than the vapid idiots they see or think they see around them.

In the end, it just made me want to watch Natural Born Killers again. But I do not at all regret watching God Bless America, it was entertaining.

The mirror chalkboard.
I did this a bit over a month ago, and promised pictures to a few people, never got around to it until now.

As a couple of you may already know, I have a thing where I cannot sleep in a room with a mirror. So (as you will see in pictures) I had it covered by a blanket. I tried to just GET OVER IT and deal, I lasted 2 and a half days after moving in, and I just kept getting more and more anxious and uncomfortable. So up went a blanket. However, blanket pinned up is incredibly ugly and such, and the frame of the mirror is gorgeous and it was just a waste of space to have big blanket pinned up there.

So my first idea was to turn it into an art. That is, get a nice solid colour of contact paper, put down a base, and then cut out shapes and stuff of other colours to make it some sort of abstract art thing. Whilst I was looking at contact paper colours, I DISCOVERED THAT CONTACT MAKES BLACKBOARD PAPER. So plan changed to that.

Most of the pictures make it look a lot more perfect than it is. There are a few wrinkles in the upper left, and after some use the seam in the middle is obvious, but it's not nearly as obvious/annoying as I had anticipated.

In short, I LOVE IT TO BITS. The last picture is a just now picture, clearly I need to edit my calendar and put something up other than Mr. Jack-o-lantern.

Covered in blanket.

The naked mirror, showing messy desk and end table, READY FOR CHALKBOARDING!

First side in progress.

First side done.

Another view of first side done.

All covered, a close up view showing the pretty scrollwork up top.

Full view of all done.

Priming the chalkboard!

Priming the chalkboard another view!

I was explaining to a friend the purpose of said priming, and he had suggested that I shouldn't have done so and had just initially drawn a penis so that would "burn in", so I drew this for him. AFTER priming, though.

Close up of my Jack-o-lantern.

Current that needs to be updated, and I couldn't seem to manage to not make it blurry.