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That is actually a really sweet story. :)

Thank you.

In the last few months I've gotten some of my stuff back that mother was storing for me, so immediately moving into MY OWN PLACE, didn't really trigger this, but getting my things back, and restarting some of my silly traditions is triggering this now.


centers for disease control does not report on parasitic worms

i can relate, my douchebag friends whose dad runs a church ran off with my guitar, i left it there, when the older brother of my friend whose my age, threw us both out of a party he invited us to,

no response to requests for the guitar, i had found a kmart that had these rare out of print collectible alien stickers, then the acoustic guitar had all these rock n roll aliens on it,

well, the younger brother took my guitar and took the stickers off it,

the dozens is a game BUT

i've been reading the bible? technically? since he can't control his brats? that guy has not met the requirement to even run a xtian church


nice people, ALMOST! pfffft, it's just a guitar, but the stickers?

and worst of all it was going to be a gift for someone,

me and who were both homeless together,

so, church steals from homeless people, real cute

:) like with the aliens

you are not alone,

BUT brain parasites are common and the toxoplasmosis pathogen has been known to make rats act stupid and not fear cats

?maybe your friends aren't mean? maybe your friend have the brain worms?

by the way? brain worms are real, i've watched a video of one getting removed! yikes!

:) hope everything is cool

-a fellow shitty advice- person guy

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