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It does pass. Charlie and wossname (the pommy chick) talk and are both named, also, Charlie and her mum. I can't remember how far you are (have you finished the first season?) but there are other female characters as well and they all talk about science together. I don't want to spoil it but here is my take on the various tests:

The Ellen Willis test:
If the genders are swapped, does the story still make sense?


The Mako Mori test:
1. Has at least one named female character.
2. Who gets her own coherent narrative.
3. In which said narrative does not exist solely to support the story of men/a man in the same piece.

Yes...though 3 is a bit weird because of the setting of the story. Miles props up Charlie's story as he is pretty much being used by her, however, every character props up the story of every other character so it is a bit weird when dealing with an ensemble cast rather than a male/female lead cast.

The Tauriel test:
1. Has at least one named female character.
2. Who is good at her job.

Definitely passes these ones, particularly later in the series.

The Sexy Lamp test:
Does the story still work if you replaced your female character with a sexy lamp? This is the outlier in which if it passes it's not a good thing. It means the female character has absolutely no substance and contributes nothing to the work.

I would say it passes this one because a sexy lamp wandering around in a post-apocalyptic midwest is really weird and doesn't make sense at all.

The Finkbeiner test:
States that any of the above must avoid including any of the following items/wording

* The fact that she is female
* What her husband does for a living
* Her child care arrangements
* How she nurtures/is nurturing of her underlings/employees
* How taken aback she was by the presence/level of competitiveness in her field
* How she's such a role model for other women
* How she's the "first woman to ..."

I don't think the show does any of these. Again, I don't want to spoil it but these things are pretty much thrown out of the window as you get into the series and find out the true backgrounds of the characters. I will say that the first one is a big part of the story but in a weird way that I don't think applies. Obvs the second one is thrown out (fucking spoilers gah).

I will stop this for now but remind me when you are along more in the story so I can add to it. But none of these things apply to Charlie or Rachel. Not even slightly.

Yeah, I was pretty sure that I'd have noticed if this particular show hadn't at least passed Bechdel, but it got me wandering in thought on the larger picture. And from what little they've given in backstory of Rachael I feel like it'd pass Finkbeiner if they elaborated.

I legit lol'd at the idea of a sexy lamp wandering around a post-apocalyptic midwest.

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I am testing to see if lj lets me reply from an entirely different computer and location.

Well goddamn.

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