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One thing that's been puzzling me. Is Dreamwidth actually any LESS dead? I searched it for communities and things and it barely seems to have any...

See my comment to crassy.

I felt the same way about LJ since it went Russian. I'm on DJ but I can't imagine how inactive that is.

See my comment to crassy.

Weird because everyone else is saying that LJ is seeming less dead and I have noticed quite a few people returning. You seem to be the only one going the other way!

I apparently mispoke here. I am not commenting on the activity of LJ, but rather the stability of the company. Posts aren't going to top appearing here as long as LJ exists. It's just that I've over a decade of history in this journal and I needed to feel that it was a bit safer than it was previously.

Also for some bloody reason I cannot comment on LJ from my home internet connection. I can only do so through the android app. I should bother them and find out if my IP is blocked for some reason.

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