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Yeah Risque Yeah

Vivi, Ama e Conquista!

Please don't compliment me about my weight loss.
As many of you may know, I've had issues the majority of my adult life with food, which is to say usually I do not eat enough/regularly. I've been particularly bad about it the past few months which became sort of glaringly clear because I spent several weekends away from home, in which during this away time I was eating properly. So weight was yo-yoing something awful, down when I ate properly, back up when body thought I was starving myself.

I've thrown in the towel on the idea that I'm ever going to master this by conventional means. When I get attacked by depressed or a bad flare I do set food and med timers, however that's just not a sustainable thing for me long term. For years and years I have also tried various ways of preprepared meals so there's always something easy to grab, that also has not been sustainable. I kept labouring under the assumption that I was just going to eventually get a handle on it. That I'd magically turn into Mary Poppins or something, I don't bloody know. So I've developed an alternate plan.

I'm supplementing with protein/fruit shakes. Had a package of Soylent to try given by friend and that's AMAZING, so I'd love to get my hands on more of that. However the goal here is STEADY FUEL INTAKE, no more "Eh, I don't feel like eating today." The shakes aren't quite as satisfying and OMG FEEL GREAT as the Soylent (except tastier), however they are much better than what I was doing and are being a serious help and I finally feel like I have a sustainable solution.

Eat foodfood in proper intervals when I can/want to. If I can't/don't want to SHOVE SMOOTHIE IN FACE AND SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

This has apparently led to noticeable weight loss, allegedly. As housemate (who is leaving in a few days) keeps complimenting me on such. I have repeatedly explained that weight loss isn't, and never will be a high priority for me. The priorities that are at the top of the list, however, will have that side effect which is nice. Yet she continues to specifically compliment just that, and it's become uncomfortable.

As my close friends and family, when you see me I'm sure you will be happy if I'm noticeably feeling better, look more alert, have more energy, and an obvious marker to point to this may be my weight. I understand this is the easy thing to compliment. However I am asking you please not to do so. Since I am doing nothing specifically for that goal, and it is not a priority for me. Better quality of life, more energy, being able to keep up with niblings and hopefully eventually foster/adoptive children: THESE ARE MY PRIORITIES.

Thank you.